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Being Mr G.
Watch J.A.'s award winning speech at the 2007 semifinals of the World Championship of Public Speaking.
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Conférence Dépassez les bornes

"The "Cross the line!" keynote address gave me back my confidence as a manager. I liked it so much that  I invited J.A. Gamache to give it to my team. I am quit picky with this kind of presentation.  I see many of them. I haven't seen many keynoters with his speaking talent."

Jean Provencher, president of Strophe inc

Inactivity paralyzes any venture. Pro-activity propels any organization to success!
The "Cross the line!" keynote address fosters:

  • The urge for change
  • A deep desire for commitment
  • The habit of seeking new challenges

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Conférence Dépassez les bornes

"During a speech, I heard myself starting an incomplete story, what J.A. Gamache calls a "three legged dog". Because of that metaphor, I realized I was getting stuck with my story. I readjusted I was able to regain control of my presentation. That workshop really paid off".

Angela Sutcliffe-Shae, business growth specialist

Does public speaking stress you? Learn the best tips of professional speakers!

During this interactive workshop you will learn:

  • To know how to put an end to the fear of public speaking
  • To learn a proven method to write a speech in 5 minutes
  • To discover winning strategies to immediately upgrade your presentations

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